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Pixel Solutions is an advertising and digital marketing agency based in the heart of Transilvania. Born out of the desire to elevate valuable companies and products in the eyes of the consumer. We help businesses become the center of attention through holistic marketing solutions.

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Online Marketing and Branding

A strong online presence will take you a long way in today's digital society. Are you ready to start the journey with us?


Graphic Design

Bold strokes that will elevate your company's image in the eyes of the consumer.


Web Development/Web design

Personalised and easy to use websites for both you and the customers that engage with you.


Fusing human creativity with Science and Technology.

Staying on top of the trends in technology and science is vital to the success of digital businesses, but at the same time, we make sure to mix it up with creativity and people-oriented design.

To ensure the success of our projects we use the most powerful tools available and base all decisions on hard metrics and tested best practices, however, we never neglect to spice things up with creativity and human-oriented design. After all, what would advertising be if it wouldn’t stir emotions like adoration and warmth in our target audience? Sometimes a good dose of laughter solves more problems than a complex business report!

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The only true measure:
Value provided

It can look good and it can be extremely complex, but if it ultimately does not provide the needed value to our customers, it’s worth nothing. We seek to give you what your business really needs! No fancy wording, no complex schemes. Only tried and true methods that will take you where you need to go.

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Meet pixel connect

Our in-house web platform will make your life as a business owner or marketing manager so much easier! By combining insights from all advertising platforms into easy to digest and goal-centered metrics, Pixel Connect can help you organize your strategy to obtain optimal results.