A day at Pixel Solutions as an Ad Specialist

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes, it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage

The Holidays are near and everybody knows that moment, at the table, when your family asks what exactly you do at your work.  Well, I do, so here`s a short recap of a day in my life as a Marketing Specialist. 

I work at a digital marketing and advertising agency with the most inspiring and active team and I am responsible for the Social Media Ads.  I find this role challenging because I am in charge of setting up the keywords that define the target group for the clients’ products, making the product stand out in this very crowded online environment and bringing it closer to the end consumer.

I start my day by checking the performance of my active ads, whether they are on Google or Facebook. I usually track the CPR (cost per result), depending on the kind of the service that my clients are delivering, and the amount of money spent on that day. Later on, I start optimizing the campaigns at the level of keywords related to my customers’ business offering and at the level of the ad set. My job involves testing keywords and implementing appropriate campaigns that target the right description of the customers. A very important part of the job role is analysis and reporting. 

As I told you earlier, a part of my role involves analyzing data from each campaign to develop reports in order to give feedback to the client. By analyzing each part of the campaigns, I can quickly identify and optimize elements in campaigns that are not performing well, such as negative keywords, or regions where there is little interest in the clients` brand. All these optimizations lead to our goal of maximizing the investment of our clients.

Throughout my workday, I multitask, as I continue researching, analyzing and implementing campaigns at the same time.

I love to constantly do research on marketing topics because it gives me endless opportunities to broaden my perspective regarding new trends on online marketing. I am very proud to work for this agency, as here I have the chance to develop my career skills in a hard working environment with devoted colleagues, eager to help in every way possible. As the field of marketing is in a continuous growth, my work feels exciting and full of challenges. 

Am I happy working at Pixelsolutions?

Working in my field of studies was a high goal of mine so I can tell you that after I got this job, I felt like I have found my purpose, career wise. Here, at Pixelsolutions, I can feel that my work is appreciated. I receive everyday feedback in a positive and constructive way so I can improve my skills and become the best marketer but also the best version of myself.  The advantage of growing in a young environment gives me the freedom of brainstorming new ideas and sharing them with my colleagues without any creativity border.