Advertising on Facebook – 10 major tips

Did  you know that Facebook has 2.74 billion monthly active users and it is the world's third-most visited website after Google and Youtube? It is the only social web platform to reach more than half of all social media users. When it comes to tips and tricks for SMART (S - Specific; M - Measurable; A - Achievable; R - Relevant and T - Time Bound) advertising on Facebook follow this 10 tips:

  • Take advantage of Specific Targeting

As an example, we can think about a “looking for a job” campaign. You want to track those people that are the most relevant candidates for your requirements so for this goal even though you can target any audience you will need a specific targeting.

  • Keep track of specific metrics

If you start a Conversion campaign in Facebook ads, you want to keep track of your leads and cost per lead metrics, but if you plan to start a traffic campaign you need to keep track of your link clicks and cost per link click.

  • Look up for your competitors

On your competitor Facebook Page you can catch a glimpse of your competitors ad strategy. On the left side of their page, you can find the “Page Transparency” section, there you can observe if they run ads and explore them for instance.

  • Test different creative/copy for best result

When in doubt, let your audience help you with the ad direction. Start a short period campaign and test your ideas, after this period start using the best performing ad set.

  • Mix your ad format

Use the best ad format to structure your ad, choose a single image, video, carousel or even a collection. Diversify your customers’ experience. 

  • Create different Audience

In order to start a remarketing campaign, you should create your custom audience. This feature allows you to target different user segments (Customer files, Website traffic, App activity, Offline activity and even engagement lists).

  • Keep track of your customers with Facebook Pixel

If you possess a website, install multiple pixel codes and track different conversion metrics (for example add to cart or page view)when advertising on Facebook. After installing the pixel, you can create new campaigns that reach similar new prospects.

  • Don’t forget about desktop experience

As everybody knows, we have our smartphones with us 24/7 but this doesn’t mean that the conversion rate is higher than on desktop devices. 2020 statistics shown that the global conversion rate across devices is 2.58%, but the average desktop conversion rate is about 4.14% against 1.82% on mobile.

  • Choose the best CTA button

Show the most impactful call to action button depending on your campaign final objective. Keep your customers curious in order to take the action you want them to take.

  • Explore your Facebook Creative Reporting

Keep track of your best performing and with Creative Reporting from the Analyse and Report section in Ads Manager. Here, Facebook allows you to analyse and understand how your ad creatives are performing.