How to Spy on Your Competitors on Facebook


A lot of choices.

Episode 1 - Welcome to PS Academy

Facebook Ads
New to digital marketing? The best time to start is now and the best place is right here! Join us on our journey to explore all aspects of the life and work of a digital marketer....

Episode 2 - How to create a facebook page

Facebook Ads
They may be baby steps, but they’re the most important ones you’ll be making in starting your marketing journey on Facebook. Learn how to quickly and easily create a Facebook Business Page with Istvan.

Episode 3 - How to Create Your First Facebook Ad and Mistakes to Avoid

Facebook Ads
We're really stepping on the gas pedal in this one. I'll show you how to create your very first Facebook Ad and I'll also tell you the greatest pitfalls that Facebook doesn't warn you about. Stop...

Episode 4 - How to Create and Manage a Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads
Whether you're a business owner, digtal marketer or agency owner, creating and managing your Facebook assets correctly is crucial. It might not be an issue right now, but trust me, the mistakes you make today will...

Episode 5 - How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads Billing

Facebook Ads
Proper billing is key, especially if the company you're running ads for is in the European Union! Find out how to set up your billing in order to obtain invoices that can be inserted into your...

Episode 6 - How to Spy on Your Competitors on Facebook

Facebook Ads
Want to find out what kind of ads your competitors are running on Facebook? You don't need to be a spy or a hacker to do this. Watch the video and find out how to do...

Episode 7 - The Facebook Algorithm is Targeting You. Find out why!

Facebook Ads
The Facebook Algorithm is Targeting You. Find out why!

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