Influencer Marketing. A long term Success or a Failure?

As Influencers are a highly popular and effective form of modern influencer marketing, it is already an Industry and it is in continuous growth. More and more brands have almost doubled the number of content creators they get involved per campaign in the past 2 years. 

Although, there are marketing experts who feel that this type of content is at a downturn. In order to get the best results that fits your marketing needs, find the right media influencers. Do this in order to avoid the damage caused by a non appropriate content marketing. 

Pros of trying Influencer Marketing:

It helps reach out to the relevant Audience. Let’s say that you want to implement a food social media campaign. To make it more viral you would have to collaborate with a food influencer. As a strategy to attract the best audience that fits your products/service. As your food influencer built his own trusted community, your brand can attract potential new buyers. A more efficiently way and at a lower cost.

Trust building. You work as a regional company and plan to extend on a national level. The best way to support this plan is to call for an influencer to talk positively about your brand. As their followers are more likely to react to what they recommend. 

It could be the cheaper option. There is always a range of micro influencers to choose from. If you are just starting your company and can not afford spending a lot of money for brand awareness. These options are cheaper compared to national celebrities.

Cons of trying this type of Marketing:

Wrong Influencers. As I told you at the beginning, working with the wrong influencers can negatively impact your brand. 61% of marketers find it difficult to identify the right influencers for their campaigns.

Financial Stuff. This is still a new direction for some marketers. There is still the possibility for you to make mistakes. Such as posting content that does not resonate with brand targeted audiences or not disclosing that a post is sponsored. So you would not wanna spend some money on a wrong influencer, right!? But still, this is the risk of the business.

Measuring Results is not that easy. If you are a number fan, you might find that having an influencer advertise your brand isn't the most quantifiable marketing campaign. You should probably put a lot of effort and time into finding the right social media influencers that best fits your strategy, but be aware of the fact that sometimes the return on investment can’t be delivered.

In order to decide if influencer marketing is suitable or not for your brand, analyse all aspects of the deal and make every aspect clear. Be well informed and avoid last moment surprises.