Latest Trends in Advertising – Innovative Solutions

By 2025, it is estimated that around 400 exabytes of consumer data will be generated every day through email, photos or social media. Some insights are already predictable. For example consumer trends, preferences and other latest trends in advertising. 

Digital marketing is continuously evolving with the new regulations and technologies. I present you latest trends in advertising to take into consideration as a digital marketer: 

Programmed advertising delivered through Artificial Intelligence

This will allow brands to target more specific audience segments. As a  marketer, you have the ability to use real-time insights. This can bend over the desires and needs of your brand audience. As a result this can lead their focus into dynamic content.


Customer service agents’ abilities range from allowing you to order a Bolt, too even serving as a virtual booking agent. At this time not everyone is used to this practice. As most brands have struggled to provide actual value through chatbots. Even though this niche is not so developed at the moment, some early adopters have seen a big win in becoming one of the latest trends. Moreover, people are spending more time in chat apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Marketing Automations

As Digital Marketers we have to be everywhere and track everything. Automations are a so called must-have. Statistics say that almost 79% of top-performing companies have been using automations for more than 2 years. These tools allow us to save time while having a great insight into what drives more impact. For example, tools like Active Campaign for email marketing and automations gives you the opportunity to track prospects’ behaviour. But also send automated messages based on their behaviour. 

Use Remarketing Ads

In general, only 2% of online customers convert on the first visit to an online ecommerce store. Our goal of retargeting is to bring back the other 98%. Retargeting is an important complementary strategy to these. Even if we use other forms of online marketing strategies as content marketing or social media ads. This Ads provide a highly relevant and personalised user experience. 

Interactive content

This strategy improves the user experience, and it also promotes more engagement. As you want more and more people to be engaged, use open-ended questions, surveys, contests or even calculator widgets. All these actions will help you stand high in algorithm-based searches. Moreover, this allows users to have a personal connection with your brand while being independent and answering for themselves.