Why having your own website is better… or not?!

In case you do not have 7 minutes to read this article on why having your own website, take a look at the table below: 

FeatureFacebook PageWebsite
Easy to createYAYYAY
Flexible navigation processNAYYAY
Control over dataNAYYAY
Custom domainNAYYAY
Offers business credibilityNAYYAY
Easier to engage with customersYAYNAY
Full marketing powerNAYYAY

Marketing your business requires a strong digital presence as this is the key to a successful business nowadays. So here comes the question: Where my business belongs in this enormous digital world?

Of course, as you probably already know, millions of businesses now have a Facebook Page and they consider this to be a useful tool when it comes to advertising and engaging with potential customers. But you still wonder if there are other options when it comes to promoting your brand and getting some brand awareness as well. We think we have the answer that you’re searching for. A website! Or not! 

Yes, it is confusing, but the thing is that we can not provide you just a single option when it comes to marketing your business. Both Facebook Page and Website are valid options for every business, depending on what the goal is. As a result we decided to give you some Pros and Cons for the big question Where I should market my business?

Pros and Con of why having your own website

Understanding the advantages of both website and social media you can build a profitable acquisition ecosystem. 

1. Easy to create

One of the reasons why most of the businesses consider to go for a Facebook page instead of a website is that the set-up is simpler and more straight-forward. Yes, social media platforms are really intuitive to use, especially when it comes to Business Pages because they guide you through every step & feature even suggesting what you can improve. 

Even if the navigation process is really easy, when it comes to adjusting the experience on the page things are getting a little complicated. For example, Facebook has a standard navigation system, you can change the appearance order of the items (posts), but you can not control their position or page titles. You still might think that you have control over the Pining the important post to the top of the page but you know that some content will still be prominently shown based on Facebook’s algorithm. 

Conclusion: easy to create, hard to adjust & personalise.

2. Even easier to create

Could you ever imagine that a website will be easier to create than a Facebook page? We neither! Thanks to WordPress, you can now create and set up your own website in about 30 minutes without any technical skills. 

Also, there are a lot of useful articles on How to build your own website using WordPress.com.

3. You own it. Not the Facebook page tho. 

Have you ever thought about what if Facebook decides that it won’t support business any longer? All the client base and followers you built over the period will go into the drain. Of course nobody knows if this will happen or not, but why risking every data that you’ve collected over the years?! 

Having a website will allow you to take control over everything. You own it, you control it, so as there really aren't any terms and conditions you have to abide by, you can do anything you want to with advertising, you can have any kind of content you want on there.

4. Functionalities

When it comes to functionalities, you can not really do much on your Facebook page. Although it provides sufficient features to share you business details, thoughts, creatives, everything is restricted. For example you can not share as much information as you would like to in the About section on your Facebook page. 

It will never happen if you’re having a website. There you can implement as many functionalities as you wish or your web developer can. Having a green light when it comes to functionalities will help you adapt the website to suit your brand.

5. Business credibility

Facebook is overcrowded and our News Feed is always fool. Which are the chances that your business will stand out? Let’s say that someone happens to see your business page on Facebook and that they are interested in your products/service. What will be the next thing that person will do? Of course they will Google (or Bing) you to find your website. Even if you are on Facebook as a business, most of the people will expect to see a website. A website helps you to build credibility, helps you stand out, to make a statement in your own style. 

6. Full marketing power 

Successfully marketing your business requires a multi-directional attack – you have to come at it from all angles. This is how you can determine a successful business. 

If you’re setting up a Facebook page it will help you engage with your customer directly, but when it comes to advertising and promoting you have just one option - Facebook Ads. When it comes to a website the possibilities are endless. The first 3 things to help marketing your business that came to my mind are SEO, Google Ads, Email Marketing. Just with these 3 features you can start a nice sales process, for instance. 

Think of your website as a central hub for all your business’s digital content. From your website you can coordinate everything, including the Facebook page.