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Project briefing:

mediClub, part of the 4th largest holding in Germany, is a medical personnel recruiting company, operating in Germany, Romania and the Philippines. They needed solutions to several problems they were facing such as: lead acquisition, conversion, client retention, operational cost reduction, etc. Lacking an internal marketing department, they were looking for a holistic service provider that can cover all of their needs.


We helped mediClub work through a complete rebranding and redesigned all marketing processes, starting with paid advertising campaigns, all the way to process automations, CRM implementation, email marketing, SEO and the complete management of the marketing strategy and budget. Steadily we managed to double the number of medical personnel the company trained and recruited.


Project briefing:

Migroconsult is a legal tech and consultancy firm founded in Germany and operated in Romania. Although their offer was one of the best on the market, they struggled to garner enough interest and leads. Their competitors, being much larger companies, seemed unbeatable even though their service levels were lower and prices higher.


After constructing a customer persona and understanding the intricacies of their business, we got to work by setting up conversion tracking on their website and building powerful conversion campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google. The results were almost instantaneous with a 30% increase in weekly conversions and a tripling of their weekly lead count in 5 months.


Project briefing:

" is an industry disrupting online real estate startup, headed by the UK’s youngest millionaire Akshay Ruparelia. As rapid growth became the norm in their business, the need to scale their online availability and responsiveness to enquiries coming both from customers and leads became crucial.


The mission was to make their current team seem omnipresent and always available. To this avail the obvious solution was automating most processes to either take tasks off of operators hands or resolve certain interactions altogether with the help of tech. An efficient IVR system paired with chatbots ensured that customers could receive feedback and service regardless of agent availability.


Your right hand in business.


You’ll always have a detailed understanding of how, why and what we are doing to reach your business goals. We ensure this via collaborative project management tools and open communication channels.


We seek to develop long-term relationships with our partners and provide consultancy and guidance. Our goal is to continually take your business to the next level, not only deliver a service.


By providing a large range of marketing services you can rest assured that any marketing need you have, we can cover. You won’t need to collaborate with many different providers, which ensures consistency and quality across your marketing.


Emergencies can happen, no matter how well you plan ahead. You can rest assured that our team will be there to handle unexpected events and help your team whenever they need it.


We bring years of marketing experience to the table and the added advantage of working with many businesses from different industries. This perspective helps us quickly identify problems and find solutions.


Just as your results become our results, your failures too will become ours as well. We invest in our partners and strive for mutual growth. If your business does well, ours will do well as well. We’re in this together.