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Spending money on advertising is easy, but generating a positive ROI requires expertise and analytical thinking.
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The numbers just add up with data driven sales techniques

Step 1

The Smart online shop experiece

Before investing anything into ads, we need to take a good look at the user experience of your online shop. This is where many ecommerce businesses go wrong. There are specific ways of making a shop incentivise large carts, recurrent sales and customer loyalty.

Step 2

PPC ads

Having a well set up ad account can do wonders to your return on ad spend. Don't make the mistake of overlapping audiences or not setting up conversion ads. We're here to help you optimize every penny you spend with expertly crafted ads.

High imapct Remarketing ads

Depending on the service or product you offer, raising interest will take a couple of attempts. This is where powerful remarketing ads make the difference and reduce your cost/lead by up to 35%!

Database advertising

Your shop will be generating a lot of valuable data. Why not make use of it? Once we've got things running we can leverage data and have the algorithm optimize the results.

Step 3

Conversion tracking and customer behaviour

Wondering what customers do in your online shop? Tech can offer crucial information on what makes customers buy more or less products. When the correct infrastructure is set up, we can make incremental changes that will steadily raise your cart value, shopping frequency and overall revenue

Step 4

Ecommerce automation

Naturally you won't want to spend all day trying to generate extra revenue. This is when we can jump in and automate your most valuable revenue generating marketing tactics, such as abandoned cart sequences, newsletters, upsells and much, much more!

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